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'There are less fish in the sea': Extreme weather takes a toll on Mumbai's fishermen
A fisherman stands on a dock in Mumbai, India.

Mumbai's Koli community, which has been fishing in the Arabian Sea for generations, has been struggling to deal with increasingly unfamiliar and volatile waters, with warming temperatures producing more frequent extreme cyclone events, disrupting fish habitats and marine ecosystems along the way. 

Here we go again: U.S. begins internal talks about renewal of North American trade deal
Profile shot of man in suit speaking at podium

For anyone with lingering night terrors from the last renegotiation of NAFTA, the notion of reopening the pact might evoke that classic line from a horror sequel: It's baaaaa-aaaack. But this time is different, says the U.S. envoy to Canada. On his second anniversary in Ottawa, David Cohen says he's heartened by the constructive mood.

University of Pennsylvania president resigns amid backlash over Congress antisemitism testimony
A person is seen listening while seated with a microphone.

Liz Magill was one of three presidents of top universities who were criticized after they testified at a congressional hearing about a rise in antisemitism on college campuses following the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war.

Texas Supreme Court temporarily blocks woman from getting emergency abortion
A pregnant woman poses with her hand on her stomach.

The Texas Supreme Court temporarily blocked a pregnant woman from obtaining an emergency abortion on Friday, shortly after the state's attorney general requested the block.

McDonald's eyes record global expansion in coming years, with more focus on delivery
A sign for the U.S. fast food restaurant chain McDonald's is seen outside one of their restaurants in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, near Brussels, Belgium September 5, 2023.

McDonald's also intends to use a combination of technology and a greater focus on its delivery capabilities to better serve customers in the years ahead.

Hundreds of thousands wounded and dead in Ukraine as war grinds on, intelligence suggests
A woman stands in cemetery with many Ukrainian flags flying in the breeze.

With no end in sight after more than 21 months of war, the number of people killed or wounded in the Russian invasion of Ukraine is in the hundreds of thousands, intelligence estimates suggest.

French juvenile court convicts 6 over roles in teacher's beheading
A person holding flowers also holds up a sign featuring a person's picture.

A French juvenile court on Friday convicted six teenagers for their roles in the beheading of a teacher by an Islamist extremist that shocked the country.

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Still haven't filed your taxes? Here's what you need to know
So far this tax season, the IRS has received more than 90 million income tax returns for 2022.
Retail spending fell in March as consumers pull back
Spending at US retailers fell in March as consumers pulled back amid recessionary fears fueled by the banking crisis.
Silicon Valley Bank collapse renews calls to address disparities impacting entrepreneurs of color
When customers at Silicon Valley Bank rushed to withdraw billions of dollars last month, venture capitalist Arlan Hamilton stepped in to help some of the founders of color who panicked about losing access to payroll funds.
Not only is Lake Powell's water level plummeting because of drought, its total capacity is shrinking, too
Lake Powell, the second-largest human-made reservoir in the US, has lost nearly 7% of its potential storage capacity since 1963, when Glen Canyon Dam was built, a new report shows.
These were the best and worst places for air quality in 2021, new report shows
Air pollution spiked to unhealthy levels around the world in 2021, according to a new report.
Big-box stores could help slash emissions and save millions by putting solar panels on roofs. Why aren't more of them doing it?
As the US attempts to wean itself off its heavy reliance on fossil fuels and shift to cleaner energy sources, many experts are eyeing a promising solution: your neighborhood big-box stores and shopping malls.
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Israel-Hamas war: Ceasefire in Gaza chances shrinking, Qatar says
Benjamin Netanyahu says "the war is in full swing" and calls on Hamas fighters to surrender.
Israel-Gaza war: Video shows Gaza detainees allegedly 'surrendering guns' - what we know
A man in his underwear is filmed laying down weapons - but there are questions about what happened.
Pliosaur discovery: Huge sea monster emerges from Dorset cliffs
Scientists marvel at the fossilised head of an underwater 'killing machine' from the Jurassic.
Rwanda asylum bill is too weak to be a deterrent, says Robert Jenrick
The ex-immigration minister says the PM's bill to revive the asylum scheme "doesn't do the job".
Peter Kay plays secret homecoming shows to raise funds for Bolton Octagon theatre
The comedian breaks off from his arena tour to perform three intimate fundraising shows in one day.
I'm A Celebrity winner named after Sam Thompson, Tony Bellew and Nigel Farage made final
Sam Thompson, Tony Bellew and Nigel Farage were the last men standing on the reality TV show.
McDonald's security guard soaks homeless man's sleeping bag
The worker is seen kicking the homeless man's belongings away as he tries to mop the street.
Sudan war: Two people killed in attack on aid convoy in Sudan, says Red Cross
Seven others including three charity staff were injured in what the Red Cross has called a "deliberate attack".
Goodnight, and good luck
A valedictory note from Al Jazeera America on what we tried to bring to the online news landscape

A long road to reintegration for Rwandan ex-combatants
Despite programs aimed at helping former fighters recover and rebuild, many struggle to find their place in society

The Cabula 12: Brazils police war against the black community
Brazil's anti-police movement continues to fight for the soul of Cabula, even as death threats intensify

Nevada governor says he doesn't want Supreme Court consideration
Republican Brian Sandoval, reportedly under consideration by Obama for the nation's top court, says he's not interested

Elegy for a website where Native voices mattered
AJAM reported on tribal communities and offered coverage on Indian Country that few could match

As thousands enter Europe, EU flails in anti-smuggling efforts
Why did Frontex, the EU border agency, abruptly cancel a successful anti-smuggling pilot program in Greece?

New Orleanians see tourism bias in post-Katrina public transport
While 62 percent of transportation has been restored, locals say bus service has been left behind

The cancer cluster of Piketon, Ohio
How the legacy of the Cold War poisons people still

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Column: Trump's campaign in 2016 was a populist revolt. In 2024, it's a quest for retribution

Former President Trump has repeatedly made it clear that he will abuse his power to go after his detractors if given the chance with a second term in the White House.

Abcarian: Read Liz Cheney's book and weep. America's democracy hangs on the details.

"Oath and Honor" dishes up an insider's view of President Trump's and the Republican Party's crimes against the republic.

In Catholic Argentina, President Javier Milei has a rabbi — and likes talking about it

Argentina's President-elect Javier Milei has shown public interest in Judaism, incorporating shofars at campaign rallies and visiting a rabbi's tomb.

Before UNLV shooting, former students say gunman fixated on Las Vegas

Former students of Anthony Polito say their old professor had always had a deep fondness for — some say obsession with — Las Vegas.

U.S. support for Israeli government increasingly strained as Arab states demand cease-fire

U.S. officials have acknowledged a "gap" between what Israel has agreed to do to protect civilians and the rising death toll in Gaza.

California holds the key to GOP power in the House. McCarthy's retirement makes everything harder

Will the Bakersfield representative's absence lead to more trouble for his embattled allies?

Bills coach Sean McDermott cited 9/11 hijackers as an example of teamwork. Now he regrets it

Bills coach Sean McDermott said his players were supportive after he apologized for referencing the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks during training camp in 2019.

Move over Ronaldo, Messi. Jon Rahm is highest paid athlete in 2023 after joining LIV Golf

Jon Rahm jumped from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf for an estimated $400 million to $600 million. He's made more money than Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in 2023.

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Blinken Defends Bypassing Congress to Sell Weapons to Israel and Urges Lawmakers to Help Ukraine
Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday defended the emergency sale to Israel of nearly 14,000 rounds of tank ammunition.
Fighting Rages On Across Gaza as Israel Moves Ahead With Renewed U.S. Support
Heavy fighting raged Sunday across Gaza as Israel pressed ahead with its offensive after the U.S. blocked the latest push for a ceasefire.
Tennessee Tornadoes Kill at Least Six. Here’s What to Know
Severe storms and tornadoes that swept across Tennessee killed six people and injured at least two dozen more on Saturday. 
Why Mars Boss Poul Weihrauch Wants to Help Others on Climate Goals
Weihrauch spoke with TIME about how he is thinking about impact, working with the Mars family and why the company is opening up.
Shohei Ohtani’s $700 Million Contract With the Dodgers Will Be the Biggest in MLB History
The Los Angeles Dodgers will pay him $700 million over 10 years
Two Indiana Police Officers Are Acquitted of Excessive Force in 2020 Protesters’ Arrests
Two Indianapolis police officers were acquitted of using excessive force to during arrests at a 2020 protest against racial injustice.
U.S. Receives Backlash For Vetoing U.N. Resolution Calling for Gaza Ceasefire
The U.S. vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire Gaza.
U.S. and Mexico Submit Joint Bid to Host Women’s World Cup 2027
The U.S. Soccer Federation and Mexico Football Federation submitted a bid to host the Women’s World Cup projecting $3 billion in revenue.

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