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India Samachar (News) and more
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Welcome to Samachar in Hindi means news.

The main objective of this website design was freedom to change the content.

Even though we have created the basic content for our viewers the website is fully customizable. For now the registration is disabled because we are in beta testing mode. Only selected few users are testing this website for

    1) Customization.
    2) Response time.
    3) Extra features required.
    4) Convenience of use.
    5) Customization content etc etc.
Once out of beta testing, registered users will be able to customize all the contents as per their liking to the extent of

    1) Changing the tab colors.
    2) Adding more tabs / sub tabs.
    3) Moving contents across tab.
    4) Moving content around the page.
    5) Hiding / displaying the contents and
    6) Adding your own content.
For now please bear with us, we are trying very hard to get this website out of beta testing as soon as possible.

You are most welcome to give us feedback and suggestions if any.

We need your support and are looking forward to bringing this whole new experience to you all very soon.



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